What Is A Cooperative? 

An electric cooperative is an organization formed by a group of people for the purpose of providing electric service in an area that, for many reasons, did not attract an investor-owned utility.

What Gives You The Power?

How does Macon Electric Cooperative receive power to meet the electric demands of its member-owners?  Macon Electric is one of 41 rural electric distribution cooperatives in Missouri.  We purchase electricity from Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI), a generation cooperative which is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.  AECI then transfers the electricity to six transmission cooperatives including Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative, located in Palmyra, Missouri.  Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative then brings the electricity to the substations so it can be distributed to you – the member-owners!

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Member?

Macon Electric Cooperative is owned by the consumers who purchase power from the cooperative - the members. Being a member of Macon Electric Cooperative has many benefits!  One of which is that you have a say in how your Cooperative operates!  You can exercise your rights as a member-owner at MEC’s Annual Membership Meeting held each year in August.  Your participation and input at the annual meeting are vital to the continued success of your cooperative.  It’s an important way to ensure that MEC will continue to not only meet your expectations but exceed them in every way possible!


Cooperatives around the world operate according to the same set of core principles and values, adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance. Learn about the cooperative principals and values.


We are dedicated to fulfilling our member-owners' energy needs in a safe, reliable, and fiscally responsible manner, as well as strengthening our rural communities.


Promising to make every effort to serve each member with the utmost consideration through kindness and compassion.


We are committed to working as a team with our members to meet the mission and goals of Macon Electric Cooperative through open communication and mutual appreciation.


We are committed to treating our members and coworkers in an honest, trustworthy, and loyal manner in order to uphold strong ethical principles and sustain a strong cooperative family.

Service Oriented

We are dedicated to serving our members with a positive approach while working together to provide reliable service in a safe, effective and efficient manner. We strive to deliver professional service with a smile and a handshake.


A fundamental guideline all employees of Macon Electric Cooperative strive to uphold. Treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and without prejudice or discrimination is the "Golden Rule" we all endeavor to live by.

View our statement of nondiscrimination.