At Macon Electric Cooperative, we provide rebates on Ground Source Heat Pump Systems! We are also happy to help you with a load calculation and sizing check. Ground source house

For more information on what a ground source heat pump is and what makes it so efficient, please view this information sheet on ground source heat pump systems.

Ground Source Heat Pump Systems 

Home Owners & Contractors

The eligibility requirements and rebate details for ground source systems are listed on the Take Control & Save Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application.

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application 

Review and discuss the Take Control & Save Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application with your HVAC contractor.

In order to insure your ground source heat pump installation will qualify for the rebate, we strongly recommend having a Residential Energy Audit conducted by Macon Electric Cooperative.

Check out this video to understand more about geothermal heating and cooling systems with GeoComfort.