This program is designed to provide an accurate assessment of actual energy usage within a home. MEC employs a BPI Certified energy auditor, who will conduct a systematic and thorough energy audit to discover any gaps in a home’s efficiency – and recommend remedies to improve overall energy use and decrease operating cost.

On the day of your audit, we will sit down with you to collect valuable information about the construction of the home, energy use habits, future plans, concerns, etc. We will conduct air infiltration testing using a blower door and conduct thermal imaging through an infrared camera scan.  This testing will reveal thermal gaps or lack of insulation, sources of air leaks, duct leaks or ducts not properly connected, and other problem areas resulting in heat loss and heat gain in your home. We will also evaluate lighting, appliances, insulation values throughout the home, heating and cooling equipment and water heating efficiency. After the audit is performed, we will take the time to explain the energy audit results and recommendations and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with an energy efficiency kit to help jump start your efforts in making your home more energy efficient.

We will provide you with cost share money (50% reimbursement of your cost for making the recommended improvements – up to $750 maximum), for following through with any of our energy audit recommendations. You have approximately six months from the time of your audit to follow through with recommendations and receive the cost share reimbursement. At this time of completion we need you to fill out the Home Energy Audit Weatherization Cost Share Form and turn into the office for processing.

Home Energy Audit Weatherization Cost Share Form

We will provide you with tips and items to address during your building process.

Please view our list of recommendations as well as the process for doing an audit for a new home. 

New Construction Energy Audit Recommendations 

Basement/Crawlspace/Slab Insulation rebate only applies to homes installing a Ground Source Heat Pump System

Contact us before your stages of building so we can further assist you!