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Staff and Employees

General Manager/CEO

Todd Schroeder


Jeanie Mobley
Kay Claypoole 
Jamie Maupin


Mary Allspach
Michelle Baldwin
Dena Buckallew
Vickie Clark
Vickie Glover
Deanna Turner

Human Resources

Lindsey Howell

Information Technology

Danny Orbin
Darrell Nichols




Tim Korman
Porter Baldwin
Trevor Bax 
Brandon Clema
Rick Farmer
Kennie Fuller
Doug Jones
Paul Karsten
Josh Langhammer
Michael Lucas
Andy Lukowski
Mark McEwen
Danny Miller
Bruce Mobley
Scott Owen
Mike Perotti
Mike Richards
Caleb Richardson
Robert Richardson
Luke Roberts
Ron Shepherd
Nick Stueve
John Teter
John Toms
Ben Williams


Dan Ulhorn