Safety Links

Missouri One Call
1- 800-DIG-RITE
Anyone digging or excavating should be aware that power lines and other utilities may be buried nearby. The Missouri One Call (MOCS) was established as a means to protect these underground facilities and to assist excavators and utilities in complying with Missouri's statute and OSHA Rules 1926.651. By calling 1-800-DIG-RITE before you dig, your safety and the environment are protected. 

Energizing Safety
Safety is more than a precaution, it's a way of life. Energizing Safety is proudly brought to you by the member-distribution cooperatives served my Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative (Northeast Power).

Safe Electricity
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Energy Education Council
The Energy Education Council is committed to the education and empowerment of energy consumers, with the goal of enhancing lives by promoting the efficient and safe use of energy. We value collaboration, relationships, and partner input in the continuing effort to create broad safety and efficiency knowledge.

Moore Electric Universe
Specializing in Safety Communications for Electric and Natural Gas Utilities

Safety Demonstrations

At Macon Electric Cooperative, we feel it is important to bring electric safety education to our communities and local schools!

Elementary Safety Demonstrations
We coordinate with Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative to provide safety demonstrations for our local elementary schools. These demonstrations give students basic information on electricity and how the Cooperative works, as well as providing them detailed information on the hazards of electricity. These safety demonstrations are typically geared toward children in the 4th and/or 5th grade.

Live Line Demo
MEC and Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative also team up to bring Live Line Demo to our local middle schools, high schools and community groups. This is an electric safety program that demonstrates live contact with 7200 volts! It is designed to educate our members on how to protect themselves and others from injury or death.


Investing in emergency generating equipment is a personal judgment based on your need for uninterrupted service. Before making a purchase, please review this information sheet on Portable Generator Safety.

GeneratorSafety.pdf Link to PDF file

If you have further questions, please contact our office at (660) 385-3157.

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