MEC Board Allocates December Refund for Excess Margins in 2018

As a not-for-profit business, MEC exists to provide reliable electricity to our members, not to make a profit.  When we have a good year and earn excess margins, we can give cash back to our members. 

In 2018, due to extreme heat and cold temperatures, we experienced those excess margins.

At the November 30 board meeting, the directors voted to allocate an estimated $1,000,000 back to any member who had an active account during 2018.

On your bill, you will notice a line that states “2018 MEC Refund”, where your portion of the allocation amount has been applied to December’s electric bill.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our office at (660)385-3157.

Regarding the 2018 MEC Refund, our General Manager, Todd Schroeder, writes in his most recent Blog post: "It is our hope that this refund will be of benefit to you and your family as we wrap up 2018." 
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