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Apr 10, 2019

MEC Adds Electric Vehicle to its Fleet

MEC Adds Electric Vehicle to its Fleet

Macon Electric is charged up about electric vehicles. It is our hope to position ourselves as a pioneer in incorporating this technology. MEC recently added a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt to its fleet to be used throughout our service territory. This vehicle will be an educational tool for both the cooperative and our members. We intend to gather data regarding the impact an electric vehicle has on the grid.  MEC strives to stay up-to-date on new technologies that may affect the
cooperative, including electric vehicles.

“Educating our members about new technologies is one of our priorities here at MEC. It is our hope to use our EV to help expand both our own and our members’ knowledge base about the technology and efficiency associated with EVs,” stated Allie Bennett, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Visit our EV webpage to learn more: www.maconelectric.com/electric-vehicle.

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