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Mar 6, 2019

MEC in Co-op History

MEC in Co-op History

In the 1940s, the Hertz Award was presented by NRECA and Copperweld Steel Corp. for outstanding contributions by REC employees in the field of rural electrification. This Hertz Award went to W. E. Adams in 1945 when he was manager of Macon Electric Co-op. He was an early pioneer in rural electrification, serving as manager from 1938 until 1957 when he accepted a position as manager of Central Iowa Power Co-op where he retired. W.E. invented a device that was known as the REA Telephone. It let the co-op contact linemen in the field using a unique power line carrier for the signal. It would even work attached to a fence that ran parallel with a power line.

Hertz Award

 Photo Credit: Bob Adams.

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