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Sep 17, 2018

Missouri electric co-ops sending hurricane help

Missouri electric co-ops sending hurricane help

As Hurricane Florence makes it way toward the Atlantic coast, Missouri’s electric cooperatives are mobilizing to answer the call for help. At the request of Santee Electric Cooperative in Kingstree, S.C., 162 Missouri cooperative lineworkers from 33 of the state’s electric cooperatives will be traveling to South Carolina to assist in the cleanup after the storm has passed. Missouri will be sending both construction and service crews to help with the power restoration efforts.

They are a part of a massive show of strength in advance of the storm that currently includes linemen from 11 states out of the hurricane’s path. As soon as it is safe for them to mobilize, the crews will descend on Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to help lineworkers in those states restore power as quickly as possible.

The Missouri crews will gather on Friday morning to travel east so they’re closer to the area but still out of harm’s way until the storm passes Saturday evening.

Missouri’s electric cooperatives have a long history of lending a helping hand to its cooperative peers in trying times. Missouri crews first helped with hurricane relief efforts in 2004 when the Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Ivan and have been doing so since. The most recent deployment was in 2017 when crews traveled to Florida and Georgia following Hurricane Irma.

The favor has been returned, as Missouri co-ops received assistance in restoring power following ice storms in 2007 and 2009.

Macon Electric Cooperative will be sending four lineworkers to help with the cause. Danny Brown, Josh Langhammer, Brandon Clema, and Doug Jones will be representing MEC to assist in the relief efforts.

Missouri’s restoration efforts are being spearheaded by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. The Jefferson City-based association represents all 47 of Missouri’s electric cooperatives. 

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