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Mar 26, 2018

Local Businesses Raise Money for Charity during Biggest Loser: Battle of the Businesses

Local Businesses Raise Money for Charity during Biggest Loser: Battle of the Businesses

During the second annual Biggest Loser: Battle of the Businesses, local businesses participated in a friendly competition, with each team striving to be the biggest “loser”. The contest consisted of eight weeks of diet and exercise for the contenders, who participated on teams of three, representing their respective place of employment. 

The teams worked diligently over the course of the competition to recognize unhealthy eating habits, as well as exercise more frequently. It was an eventful way to promote health and wellness in our community.

In addition to the health benefits of the Biggest Loser competition, the teams were also working towards another noteworthy cause. All of the monies raised throughout the competition were totaled together to be split between the winning team and a local charity of their choice. Funds were collected via the entry fees, as well as penalties for gaining weight on weigh-in day. This community benefit was another great reason for local businesses to participate in the competition.

The local businesses who participated this year included Ehrhardt Hotels, Hospice Compassus, Macon Atlanta Bank, Macon Electric Cooperative, and Chariton Valley. In the end, there was a victor. The Chariton Valley group emerged victorious in the competition. They were awarded half of the profits from the competition, as well as a traveling trophy.

The employees of the Chariton Valley team chose a worthy cause to donate the other half of the profits to: the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri Buddy Pack program. They presented the donation to Cheri Coin from the Food Bank on Monday, March 19.

Overall, this activity was a great opportunity for all those involved and t is the hope of the participating businesses that they have laid out a foundation for this competition to succeed in the future. “We hope that in the future more businesses will participate in the Biggest Loser contest, because it will mean strengthening the relationships between businesses in our community, as well as an increase in the amount of money raised each year for these notable causes in our community,” said Allie Foster, Macon Electric Cooperative Marketing and Communications Manager.

To receive notifications for the Third Annual Biggest Loser: Battle of the Businesses next year, please contact the Macon Electric Cooperative office to be put on the e-mail notification list.

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