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May 24, 2017

Macon Electric Foundation Donates to local Baseball Associations

Macon Electric Foundation Donates to local Baseball Associations

The Macon Electric Foundation, funded by Macon Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round Up program, was excited to award the local baseball associations with a grant of $1,000 to help purchase portable pitching mounds for the local youth baseball teams. These mounds will be utilized by the Bevier, Clarence, Atlanta, and Macon Baseball Associations.

“The portable pitching mounds help young pitchers, beginning as early as 9 years old, gain experience with pitching from a mound at the shorter pitching distance used in the youth baseball leagues,” said Michael Seipel, Macon Baseball Association President. “With the support of the Macon Electric Foundation Grant, all of the baseball associations were able to purchase identical mounds, so that the players will be pitching off of the same type of mound when teams from the different associations play one another.”

The purpose of the Macon Electric Foundation is to organize and allocate monies raised from the Operation Round Up program to local non-profit organizations, as well as senior scholarships. The Foundation is comprised of a nine-member, volunteer board of directors who meet quarterly to decide upon grant requests.

“We hope to be able to continue to give money to worthy causes like our local baseball associations, but we wouldn’t be able to continue this program without the generous support of the MEC members who participate in Operation Round Up,” stated Mike Nelson, President of the Macon Electric Foundation Board of Directors.

Macon Electric Cooperative members can give back to their local communities by participating in Operation Round Up. This program includes rounding your electric bill to the nearest dollar each month. The funds collected are kept separate from MEC’s accounts and are governed by the Foundation Board. Members can sign up for Operation Round Up online at www.maconelectric.com or call the office at (660) 385-3157.

“Participating in Operation Round Up is a simple and easy way to give back,” commented Todd Schroeder, General Manager of Macon Electric Cooperative. “MEC is proud to offer this option to members so that their small change can make a big difference for their communities.”


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