MEC 2020 Right of Way Maintenance

December 27th, 2019 by Allie Bennett, Marketing and Communications Manager

When a tree grows into a power line, one of two scenarios may occur. First, a broken branch could fall onto the line, breaking the electrical wire. This could cause a power outage, sometimes affecting a large number of people. The broken wire could dangle from the utility line, causing a potential hazard to those in the area.

Another potential injury could occur if someone tries climbing a tree extending into a power line. The weight of their body may cause a limb to touch the electrical wires, sending electricity from the wire, through the branch, and into the person. The person could be severely injured from the shock.

While outages are inconvenient and costly to the cooperative and its members, it is the personal injuries that Macon Electric Cooperative worries about the most. To help alleviate these scenarios, MEC has implemented a comprehensive tree trimming, or right of way, program.

Macon Electric Cooperative has established a five-year tree cutting/trimming program. With the goal of clearing one-fifth of the right of way each year, in 2020 MEC's contractors will be focusing on the Winigan, Hart, and Marceline substations.  The contractors have been instructed to clear cut and remove all trees within power lines and will also be trimming yard trees when necessary.

This program has been implemented to help the cooperative remain in compliance with the Right of Way Law of 2008 (also known as Senate Bill 958), as well as help the cooperative stay ahead of potential brush problems. 

Another program that the cooperative has found to be especially helpful in reducing tree problems is the tree replacement program. When a member allows the cooperative to eliminate a yard tree that is interfering with power lines, Macon Electric Cooperative will reimburse the member up to $100 for the purchase of a new tree, with a maximum of $500 per location. To learn more about this program, visit our website,

Remember that with the right of way and tree replacement programs, MEC is constantly working to ensure the safety of our members, the linemen, and the right of way crews. Contact the Macon Electric Cooperative office if you have any questions or concerns: (660) 385-3157.


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