Watch for New Voting Options for Annual Meeting

May 31st, 2019 by Allie Bennett, Marketing and Communications Manager

Did you know that cooperatives operate on seven guiding principles? The second of those principles is 'Democratic Member Control'. This principle reminds members that they are the owners of our cooperative and that they have a say in how MEC operates. One of the ways that MEC members can participate in the democratic process of membership is by voting for their board of directors and occasional By-law amendments at the Annual Meeting.

In the past, members register on-site for the Annual Meeting and are given a ballot upon registration. In 2018, a By-law amendment was passed that would allow for the utilization of different methods of voting at future meetings, if the board should deem it appropriate. Therefore, members will be able to participate in online or mail-in voting this year, in addition to the option for traditional on-site voting.

The online voting system will open on Tuesday, July 10 and close on Friday, August 9. Members with a SmartHub account will be able to vote through the web-browser version of SmarHub (not through the SmartHub mobile app). In addition, members with an active e-mail address will receive an e-mail with log-in information and voting instructions on July 10. This method can be utilized with both desktop computers and mobile devices.

MEC encourages members to update their e-mail address on file prior to July 10 in order to ensure that you receive your voting information.

In addition to online voting, members can also request a mail-in ballot this year. On July 10, MEC will release a phone number that can be called to request a mail-in ballot. Please check MEC's website or Facebook page for the phone number, or feel free to call the office at (660) 385-3157.


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