Giving back to our communities, helping youth achieve their goals

November 2nd, 2018 by Allie Foster, Marketing and Communications Manager

Did you know that electric cooperatives nationwide operate on seven core principles? The seventh of those principles is concern for community and this principle is one of the basic foundations on which Macon Electric Cooperative stands. In our efforts to support our local communities, the Macon Electric Foundation was created. In 2016, Macon Electric Cooperative established the Foundation with the goal of providing a community-outreach arm that would operate independently of the cooperative, still holding the MEC values closely and operating in the best interest of the MEC membership.

The Macon Electric Foundation, operated by a nine-member volunteer board of directors, gives back to our communities through grants to local non-profit organizations, as well as through scholarships to students who wish to continue their education after high school.

The Foundation is funded by Macon Electric Cooperative members and Macon County PWSD customers who elect to have their monthly bill rounded each month to the nearest dollar. The funds collected from this generous donation are then given to the Foundation to assist in their community development grants and scholarships.

Macon Electric Cooperative and PWSD of Macon County continue to strive to encourage more members and customers to sign up for Operation Round Up, so that more money can be raised each month for this effort. Giving back to our communities is a core principle for both businesses and working with local non-profits, as well as helping students to reach their goals, are two great ways to make a lasting impact on those that we serve.

If you are a MEC member or PWSD of Macon County customer, please consider signing up for Operation Round Up: For a little bit of change each month, you can truly help our communities to grow and prosper.

For more information on the Macon Electric Foundation, visit



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